WordPress Functionality: Theme or Plugin?

Functionality in a WordPress theme or Plugin

This article will help you to clarify the exact functionality of WordPress.

What is the functionality of WordPress?

Functionality of WordPress can be understand using that it has an isolated criteria in which function.php file is recorded and placed it in a module. It is same as the function.php file. This is not separated by the theme as well or fixing the theme so you can switch between themes easily. WordPress plugins are used to enhance the ability of WordPress for better reviews.

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What is the difference between theme and plugin?


Theme is the most important part of any website as it contains all the information like posts, pages,sidebars, etc. and it also helpful to organize and determine the traffic or readers. WordPress theme module has great facilities which it differs from others. It also resides in different class in WordPress.
For example, if you have a blog then theme is the main part of WordPress website which controls header and footer. It also controls that how each post will display whether a blog have image, date, author name, etc. It also decides the color of the post.


Plugins are those which are pre-available or can be installed over the WordPress website to manage additional features. They are also used for change or remove functionality.

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